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DeLorenzo Gallery

DeLorenzo Gallery has an international reputation in the field of 20th Century Decorative Arts and has been a dominant and determining force as the market has matured and come into favor. Over its three decade existence, DeLorenzo has both acquired and sold pieces for record-breaking prices. The gallery's expertise is sought by collectors, dealers, auction houses, museums, curators, authors, appraisers, and historians worldwide. Amongst the inventory of Eileen Gray, Jean Michel Frank, Alberto & Diego Giacometti, and Jean Dunand, AMOIA has been commissioned to create a line of limited edition pieces for the gallery.

Working side by side by Adriana Friedman (the Director) and Tony Delorenzo on the pieces, AMOIA will be the first living contemporary designer that the gallery represents. AMOIA was also commissioned to design their new 5,000 sq ft gallery space on Madison Ave. AMOIA will be debuting the collection with Delorenzo Gallery in their exhibition space at The Salon Design Fair in November.